Kodak Shows Innovative Solutions that Drive Customer Success at Graph Expo 2011

Kodak is committed to bringing graphical imaging solutions to companies no matter what size, big nor small to compete in the marketplace of the future. This year Kodak showcased a number of products at the Graph Expo 2011.

Kodak debutted its Marketmover Digital Diagnostic Services designed to give print service providers the necessary support to sell
data-driven, multi-channel direct marketing services to its clients.

Kodak also debutted its Kodak Nexpress Platform that is designed
for printing photobooks, calendars, greeting cards and magnets.

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Court Confirms Kodaks Plan of Reorganization

Today the US Bankruptcy court confirmed Kodak’s Plan of Reorganization. Kodak  is strategizing to get out of its Chapter
11 bankruptcy stage and hopefully emerge as a profitable business.
It plans to get retiring legacy product lines, get of  spinoffs of its business that are no longer seen as profitable and to focus on its
most profitable product lines.

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Kodak transforms from tradtional to digital photography

The Eastman Kodak company was founded in 1888 by George Eastman. For most of the twentieth century it was the leader in photogrophic films and papers.  Kodak started to struggle financially in the 1990′s due to the advent of digital photography and decreased market for traditional photography films but slow adoption of digital photography. The company actually invented most of the technology behind the digital camera.  In the 2000′s the company aggressively
refocused on digital photography and digital printing. This site is
used the document the process of Kodak’s shift from chemical still
photography to digital photography.

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